Body Transport System - Science Learning 15

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, why are circulatory disease harmful?, what is anemia?, why is iron important?, what is hemophilia?, how is hemophilia caused? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 15

Question: Why are circulatory disease harmful?

Answer: Circulatory diseases are harmful because they kill more people than any other disease does.

Question: What is anemia?

Answer: Anemia is a common disease found in people which have deficiency of iron.

Question: Why is iron important?

Answer: Iron is an important part of haemoglobin present in red blood cells, as we known that red blood cells are made up of protein and iron.

Question: What is hemophilia?

Answer: Hemophilia is a disease when there are not enough contents present in the blood for blood clotting and healing of wounds.

Question: How is hemophilia caused?

Answer: Hemophilia is a circulatory disease that can be caused due to lack of proteins and iron in diet. Moreover, it is a disease that can be passed from parents to the offspring.