Body Transport System - Science Learning 2

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is pulse?, how is pulse detected?, why thumb should not be used while checking pulse?, where are pulses felt?, what is happening to heart? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 2

Question: What is pulse?

Answer: The beating of an artery when the blood passes through it with pressure is known as pulse.

Question: How is pulse detected?

Answer: When we press our wrist with a finger, we can feel a beating blood vessel under the skin, it is a pulse.

Question: Why thumb should not be used while checking pulse?

Answer: Our thumb contains blood vessels that also beat like the one in the wrist. This causes confusion to identify which pulse is the one in the wrist.

Question: Where are pulses felt?

Answer: Pulses are felt when there is an artery over a bone. Bone is hard that's why we can easily feel the pulses under the skin and over the bone.

Question: What is happening to heart?

Answer: If we put our hand over the chest, we can feel the beats produced by the heart. This is not due to the blood pressure passing through the vessels, but it is due to the contraction and relaxation, or pumping action of the heart.