Body Transport System - Science Learning 17

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, are varicose veins dangerous?, what is meant by leaking of heart valves?, what is faulty pacemaker?, what are pacemakers?, why are pacemaker cells important? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 17

Question: Are varicose veins dangerous?

Answer: Varicose veins are dangerous because if the veins swell a lot and the blood does not move properly in them, so the blood could not be taken to the heart and it will make a clot in the vein that could be more dangerous.

Question: What is meant by leaking of heart valves?

Answer: Leaking of heart valves means that when valves of the heart do not shut properly, so the blood from one chamber gets mixed with the blood of another chamber.

Question: What is faulty pacemaker?

Answer: Faulty pacemaker is a condition when the natural pacemaker cells stop making regular pulses.

Question: What are pacemakers?

Answer: Pacemakers are group of cells in the right atrium of the heart. These cells produce small pulses of electricity at a rate of 70 times per minute.

Question: Why are pacemaker cells important?

Answer: Pacemaker cells are important because they force the heart to beat. The electricity produced by the pacemaker cells makes the heart muscles contract.