Body Transport System - Science Learning 13

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what are antibodies?, what are platelets?, what is quantity of platelets in blood?, what is job of platelets?, what is plasma? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 13

Question: What are antibodies?

Answer: Antibodies kill the germs present in the body, they even turn the harmful substances into harmless substances. Some antibodies live for months in the blood and some even live for even years after they have cured you from a disease.

Question: What are platelets?

Answer: Platelets are tiny cell fragments in the bone marrow. Each platelet has a sticky membrane, but no nucleus.

Question: What is quantity of platelets in blood?

Answer: In every 1mm3 of blood, the are approximately 250,000 platelets present.

Question: What is job of platelets?

Answer: Platelets help to seal wounds by clotting the blood. They make thread like structures on the wound making a net where red blood cell stick together form a solid hard clot.

Question: What is plasma?

Answer: The liquid part of the blood is called plasma. It is yellowish liquid in which blood cells float. It also contains dissolved minerals like vitamins glucose, amino acids and minerals. It also contains hormones and waste products.