Body Transport System - Science Learning 19

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what happens if diabetes is not treated?, what is heart transplant?, how is heart transplant done?, how long it takes to recover from heart transplant?, what is role of immune system in heart transplant? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 19

Question: What happens if diabetes is not treated?

Answer: If diabetes isn't treated, the person would feel sleepy and weak because the blood sugar level keeps on changing. Fats and muscle proteins will be used up to supply energy to the body. This will make the person extremely weak and thin.

Question: What is heart transplant?

Answer: Heart transplant is the final surgery of heart when all other treatments fail. A heart transplant is the replacement of heart. The replacement heart is donated by someone who is being treated by machinery or is brain dead.

Question: How is heart transplant done?

Answer: When the heart of the patient is taken out, a heart-lung machine is temporarily joined to the blood vessels, This machinery oxygenates and pumps the blood just like the heart. Then the donor's heart is stitched to the blood vessels.

Question: How long it takes to recover from heart transplant?

Answer: There is cutting and opening in a surgery. It takes time for the cells to heal up the wounds. A heart transplant takes approximately six months to recover after the patient's heart has been replaced.

Question: What is role of immune system in heart transplant?

Answer: When a heart is transplanted, the patient's immune system does not accept the transplanted heart and treats it as a germs. It starts destroying it. To avoid such circumstances, patients are usually treated with capsules and tablets that reduce the risks of immune attack.