Plant Transport - Science Learning 10

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is root pressure?, what could be an example of diffusion?, how are gases exchanged in plants?, where do gases enter and leave plant?, in large trees how gases are exchanged? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 10

Question: What is root pressure?

Answer: Roots keep pushing the water inside them so that the water keeps lifting upwards. This tremendous force applied by the roots in pulling water inside and pushing the water in the xylem vessels is known as root pressure.

Question: What could be an example of diffusion?

Answer: We are sitting in the living room and someone comes in wearing perfume, the smell of perfume would eventually reach our nose. This is an example of diffusion.

Question: How are gases exchanged in plants?

Answer: When there is low concentration of carbon dioxide in the plant, it takes up some carbon dioxide from the air and if there is low concetration of oxygen it would take up oxygen from the air. Both gases are exchanged through the process of diffusion.

Question: Where do gases enter and leave plant?

Answer: Gases enter and leave the plants through tiny pores known as stomata. Most of the gasseous exchange takes place through stomata.

Question: In large trees how gases are exchanged?

Answer: In large trees, there is a shortage of stomata as the stomata are only found in leaves. There are cracks in the trunks of the trees known as lenticels. In trees, gaseous exchange takes place through lenticels.