Plant Transport - Science Learning 2

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is job of xylem?, what is job of phloem?, how are gases transported?, why do not plants require huge amount of raw materials?, how can xylem be described? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 2

Question: What is job of xylem?

Answer: The job of xylem is to transport water and dissolved minerals from the soil to the leaves so that photosynthesis can be carried out.

Question: What is job of phloem?

Answer: The job of phloem is to transport prepared food substances from the leaves to rest of the plant.

Question: How are gases transported?

Answer: Xylem and phloem do not transport gases so gases diffuse into and out of the plants' leaves. This is also known as gaseous exchange.

Question: Why do not plants require huge amount of raw materials?

Answer: Plants are not active all the time like animals. Animals are always in search of food and shelter, their bodies are respiring every second so they require food and oxygen in large quantities.

Question: How can xylem be described?

Answer: Xylem is a long empty tube made up of dead cells which form vessels.