Plant Transport - Science Learning 5

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how are xylem and phloem arranged in roots?, how does roots get energy and grow?, what is root cap?, what are root hairs?, what is osmosis? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 5

Question: How are xylem and phloem arranged in roots?

Answer: In roots, xylem and phloem are located in the centre so that the roots can resist the forces.

Question: How does roots get energy and grow?

Answer: Xylem takes water and mineral salts from the roots to leaves. Then leaves prepare the food and sned the food to the roots through phloem. This food helps roots in growth and provide them energy.

Question: What is root cap?

Answer: At the tip of the roots, several layers of cells form root cap. These cells are replaced as fast as possible, because the root keeps on pushing its way into the soil.

Question: What are root hairs?

Answer: Root hairs are tiny hairs on the root surface that increase the surface area of roots for the absorption of mineral salts and water from the soil.

Question: What is osmosis?

Answer: Osmosis is a phenomenon of movement of water molecules only in which water molecules move from higher concentration to lower concentration under the presence of partially permeable membrane.