Plant Reproduction - Science Learning 3

Practice Plant Reproduction questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what are stamens?, what is anther and what does it contain?, what is filament an why is it useful?, what is carpel?, what is ovary? and others below.

Plant Reproduction Learning 3

Question: What are stamens?

Answer: Stamens are the male reproductive parts. Stamens contain anther and filament. They are located in the inner side of the petals.

Question: What is anther and what does it contain?

Answer: Anther is a small bags containing pollen grains. These pollen grains contain the amle gamete used for the sexual reproduction.

Question: What is filament an why is it useful?

Answer: Filament is a stalk like structure on which anther is held. Filament is a useful component of stamen because it aids the pollens to be taken by wind easily.

Question: What is carpel?

Answer: Carpel is the female reproductive organ which contain ovaries. Ovaries contain ovules which have female gametes present in them.

Question: What is ovary?

Answer: Ovary is a vase like structure which contains three different parts i.e. ovule (the bottom), style (the stalk) and the stigma (the top). Ovules are present in the bottom of the ovary.