Plant Reproduction - Science Learning 2

Practice Plant Reproduction questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is flower?, how many parts does flower has?, how are these parts arranged?, what are sepals?, what are petals? and others below.

Plant Reproduction Learning 2

Question: What is flower?

Answer: Flower is the destiny from where the plant can reproduce. Some flower are unisexual and some are bisexual.

Question: How many parts does flower has?

Answer: A flower has four main parts i.e. the sepals, the petals, the stamens and the carpels.

Question: How are these parts arranged?

Answer: These parts are arranged in rings one inside the other, forming a shape relavant to spiral shape.

Question: What are sepals?

Answer: Sepals are at the bottom of the flower. Their job is to protect the flower when it is in the bud form. They are usually green and leaf-like.

Question: What are petals?

Answer: Petals are above the sepals. Petals are bigger so they provide area for insects to land. Most petals contain sweet nectar and attractive scent. They are mostly bright colored.