Plant Reproduction - Science Learning 5

Practice Plant Reproduction questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is cross-pollination?, why is cross pollination better?, what is disadvantage of self-pollination? and others below.

Plant Reproduction Learning 5

Question: What is cross-pollination?

Answer: Cross-pollination is a type of pollination in which pollen grains from the anther drop on the stigma of different flower on a different plant.

Question: Why is cross pollination better?

Answer: Cross-pollination forms variety of plant species in which plants can adjust themselves according to the environment and there will be more chances of their survival.

Question: What is disadvantage of self-pollination?

Answer: A disadvantage of self-pollination is that, a plant with a genetic disease would transfer it to its offspring. There will be less variety as plants of same type would be grown.