Human Digestive System - Science Learning 8

Practice Human Digestive System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is ratio of water and bacteria in faeces?, where does bacteria in faeces come from?, what is food poisoning?, what is indigestion?, how can indigestion cured? and others below.

Human Digestive System Learning 8

Question: What is ratio of water and bacteria in faeces?

Answer: About two-third of the faeces is water, and half of the remaining is bacteria, mainly dead bacteria.

Question: Where does bacteria in faeces come from?

Answer: These bacteria line the intestine, they are generally known to be useful rather than harmful. Scientists believe that these bacteria produce important vitamins which help the body to fight disease.

Question: What is food poisoning?

Answer: The food we eat may contain germs and this type of food is known as infected food. When this infected food enters our digestive tract, germs start to reproduce. As these germs increase in number, they make our digestive tract weak and sick. This situation of our digestive system is known as Food Poisoning.

Question: What is indigestion?

Answer: Indigestion usually takes place if we eat food too quickly or does not chew it well. This produces excess amount of gastric juice in our stomach, increase the amount of acid. If we burp sometime, and feel a burning sensation in our gullet, this is because of indigestion.

Question: How can indigestion cured?

Answer: Indigestion can be cured by taking alkaline tablets or by drinking alkaline liquids, that will help neutralizing the excess acid in the stomach.