Human Digestive System - Science Learning 9

Practice Human Digestive System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what happens if excess juice is secreted in stomach?, what is diarrhea?, whah happens in diarrhea and when it stops?, what is constipation?, why does constipation occur? and others below.

Human Digestive System Learning 9

Question: What happens if excess juice is secreted in stomach?

Answer: Excess acids would cause ulcers in the stomach. This is because acid would eat up the walls of stomach and make them raw and painful. Ulcers are common in middle-aged and elder people.

Question: What is diarrhea?

Answer: Diarrhea is a condition when your digestive system turn ill due to a large amount of germs in your system. In this condition, infected food is often vomited, white blood cells rush out to kill the germs and liquid food egested as quickly as possible.

Question: Whah happens in diarrhea and when it stops?

Answer: Diarrhea stops when the infection in the digestive tract is completely finished. During the attack, a large amount of water, mineral salts and vitamins is wasted.

Question: What is constipation?

Answer: Constipation is a condition when faeces in the rectum turns thick, hard and dry. It gets difficult for the anus muscles to egest the faeces.

Question: Why does constipation occur?

Answer: Constipation occurs if the faeces is stored in the rectum for a lot of time. During this time period, the water from the faeces is absorbed making it it hard, thick and dry. Thus it is difficult for the anus muscles to egest it easily.