Uses of Radioisotopes MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Uses of radioisotopes multiple choice questions (MCQs), uses of radioisotopes tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice atoms and atom model multiple choice questions (MCQs), uses of radioisotopes quiz questions and answers for grade 7 assessment test.

Study elementary school courses, online science degree programs MCQs: radioactive particles give off, for online education degree with options waves, rays, energy, and light for online elementary school, middle school and high school courses preparation for final exams. Free science student portal for online learning uses of radioisotopes quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Uses of Radioisotopes Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: To trace path of phosphorus, isotope of phosphorus which is added to fertilizers, is

  1. Phosphorus-31
  2. Phosphorus-32
  3. Phosphorus-33
  4. Phosphorus-34


MCQ: Radioactive particles give off

  1. waves
  2. rays
  3. energy
  4. light


MCQ: A large amount of heat is produced in power plants when energy is released which turns

  1. black rods into orange
  2. water into steam
  3. ice into water
  4. acid into alkali


MCQ: In nuclear power plants, energy is released

  1. quickly
  2. slowly
  3. normally
  4. very quickly


MCQ: Steam is used to turn

  1. dynamos
  2. generators
  3. turbines
  4. transformers