Making Plastics Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Making plastics MCQs, making plastics quiz answers for online elementary school courses. Physical and chemical changes multiple choice questions (MCQs), making plastics quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Solids liquids and gases, methane, making plastics test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn science MCQs: bakelite is a good, with choices conductor, insulator, metal, and solid for online elementary education degree. Free science student portal for online learning making plastics quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Making Plastics PDF Book Download

MCQ: Bakelite is a good

  1. conductor
  2. insulator
  3. metal
  4. solid


MCQ: Material which John Hyatt used for his artificial ivory, was

  1. complex
  2. chromatid
  3. celluloid
  4. diplex


MCQ: Chemist who started plastic industry was an

  1. Chinese
  2. Indian
  3. American
  4. British


MCQ: Natural substances made up of long molecules are

  1. plastic and rubber
  2. rubber and wool
  3. wool and plastic
  4. wood and plastic


MCQ: Long chain of atom is linked by

  1. hydrogen
  2. oxygen
  3. nitrogen
  4. carbon