Electrolysis MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Electrolysis multiple choice questions (MCQs), electrolysis tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice electrical circuits and electric currents multiple choice questions (MCQs), electrolysis quiz questions and answers for class 7 science interactive tests.

Study elementary school courses, online science degree programs MCQs: when water is electrolyzed, gas collected at cathode, is, for online education degree with options sulphur, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulphur dioxide with online eBooks download for problem-solving skills for middle school and high school students. Free science student portal for online learning electrolysis quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Electrolysis Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Electrolysis is also used to purify

  1. sodium
  2. copper
  3. silver
  4. potassium


MCQ: When water is electrolyzed, gas collected at cathode, is

  1. sulphur
  2. oxygen
  3. hydrogen
  4. sulphur dioxide


MCQ: For electrolysis to work, used compound should be a

  1. insulator
  2. conductor
  3. metalloid
  4. non conductor


MCQ: Complete equipment of 'electrolysis' is known as

  1. electrolytic cell
  2. electrolytic circuit
  3. electrolytic current
  4. electrolytic process