Earth Wires MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Earth wires MCQs, earth wires quiz answers to learn elementary school science courses online. Electrical circuits and electric currents multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth wires quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Magnetic effect and electric current, heat and light: resistance, electrical circuits and currents, earth wires test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn science MCQs: earth wire is connected to the, with choices ground, appliance, power house, and transformer for online elementary education degree. Free science student portal for online learning earth wires quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Earth Wires PDF Book Download

MCQ: Earth wire is connected to the

  1. ground
  2. appliance
  3. power house
  4. transformer


MCQ: If a live wire comes in contact with metal casing, excess current will move to

  1. power house
  2. casing
  3. dynamo
  4. transformer


MCQ: Simple circuits have

  1. single pin plug
  2. double pin plug
  3. triple pin plug
  4. massive pin plug


MCQ: Simplest electrical circuit use

  1. one wire
  2. two wires
  3. three wires
  4. four wires


MCQ: Live wire is a wire which has

  1. current
  2. zero current
  3. has zero current but high voltage
  4. has high current but zero voltage