Chemical Formulas MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Chemical formulas multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemical formulas tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice atoms and atom model multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemical formulas quiz questions and answers for grade 7 world science tests.

Study elementary school courses, online science degree programs MCQs: smallest particle of carbon dioxide consists of, for online education degree with options two atoms, three atoms, four atoms, and five atoms with online typical interview questions and answers to answer during competitive exams. Free science student portal for online learning chemical formulas quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Chemical Formulas Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Formula that shows number and kind of atoms which a substance of a molecule contained, is known as

  1. chemical formula
  2. atomic formula
  3. compound formula
  4. molecular formula


MCQ: Smallest particle of carbon dioxide consists of

  1. two atoms
  2. three atoms
  3. four atoms
  4. five atoms


MCQ: To date, scientists have made about 26 millions

  1. elements
  2. compounds
  3. alkalis
  4. alkanes


MCQ: Smallest particle of water is

  1. element
  2. atom
  3. molecule
  4. neutron


MCQ: Oxygen is a diatomic gas so its chemical formula is

  1. O2
  2. O2
  3. O
  4. Ox