Chemical Effect of Electric Current MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn chemical effect of electric current MCQs, science online test for elementary school exam prep for distance learning degree, free online courses. Practice electrical circuits and electric currents multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemical effect of electric current quiz questions and answers for science help for students.

Study elementary school courses, online science degree programs MCQs: steel cans are made of , for online courses with choices lead, tinplate, tungsten, and cobalt with online eLearning distance education for online degrees course and examination preparation. Free science student portal for online learning chemical effect of electric current quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Chemical Effect of Electric Current Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Steel cans are made of

  1. lead
  2. tinplate
  3. tungsten
  4. cobalt


MCQ: Pure piece of metal which is used to be plated, is made the

  1. anode
  2. cathode
  3. nematode
  4. posit rode


MCQ: Shiny objects are often made by electroplating steel with

  1. nickel
  2. titanium
  3. chromium
  4. zinc


MCQ: In our daily life, we find most of compounds contain

  1. sodium
  2. chlorine
  3. oxygen
  4. hydrogen


MCQ: A sheet of pure copper is used as

  1. cathode
  2. anode
  3. positrode
  4. negatrode