Arteries Veins and Capillaries MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn arteries veins and capillaries MCQs, science test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Human transport system quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ), arteries veins and capillaries test to learn for seventh grade science practice tests.

Science practice test MCQ on tiny vessels link up and form a with choices artery, vein, capillary and nerve problem solving skills for competitive exam, formative assessment, interview questions with answer key. Free science revision notes to learn arteries veins and capillaries quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Arteries Veins and Capillaries Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Tiny vessels link up and form a

  1. artery
  2. vein
  3. capillary
  4. nerve


MCQ. Artery that carries deoxygenated blood is

  1. renal artery
  2. hepatic artery
  3. mesenteric artery
  4. pulmonary artery


MCQ. Walls of veins are not thick as those of arteries because

  1. the blood is in less quantity
  2. the blood is deoxygenated
  3. the blood is low pressured
  4. the blood is thicker


MCQ. Deoxygenated blood is carried by

  1. arteries
  2. veins
  3. capillaries
  4. nerves


MCQ. Walls of arteries are thick because of

  1. huge amount of blood
  2. pressure of blood
  3. gravity
  4. highly oxygenated blood