Plant Cell Structure MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Book Download

Plant cell structure MCQs, plant cell structure quiz answers for online elementary school courses. Practice cells, tissues and organs multiple choice questions (MCQs), plant cell structure quiz questions and answers. Career test on human body organs, cells and tissues knowledge, substance and properties, plant organs, electron microscope, plant cell structure test prep for 6th grade advanced science worksheets.

Study elementary school courses, online science degree programs MCQs: food factory in a plant cell, where chlorophyll is produced, is known as, for online elementary education degree programs with options cytoplasm, cellulose, chloroplast, and vacuole with online student portal for school students to prepare competitive exams. Free science student portal for online learning plant cell structure quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Plant Cell Structure PDF Book Download

MCQ: Food factory in a plant cell, where chlorophyll is produced, is known as

  1. cytoplasm
  2. cellulose
  3. chloroplast
  4. vacuole


MCQ: Shape of vacuole is similar to a

  1. tube
  2. bag
  3. cylindrical
  4. triangle


MCQ: Large storage for food, water and waste is present in

  1. vacuole
  2. tissue
  3. organ
  4. Cellulose