Weather and Climate Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4 PDF Book Download

Weather and climate multiple choice questions (MCQs), weather and climate quiz answers 4 to learn elementary school earth science courses online. Tropical zone MCQs, weather and climate quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Thunderstorms, fronts, solar energy, humidity test for teacher certification.

Learn elementary school earth science multiple choice questions (MCQs): Thunderstorms, fronts, solar energy, humidity, with choices warm fronts, cold fronts, occluded fronts, and stationary fronts for online school degrees. Free earth-science study guide for online learning tropical zone quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Weather and Climate Worksheets 4 PDF Book Download

MCQ: A small rotating column which is destructive containing high speed winds and touches ground is called

  1. hurricane
  2. tornado
  3. spiral
  4. twister


MCQ: A front which is static and brings cloudy wet weather is the

  1. cold fronts
  2. warm fronts
  3. occluded fronts
  4. stationary fronts


MCQ: Lines which bear more solar energy in tropical zone are called

  1. longitudes
  2. latitudes
  3. altitude
  4. tropics


MCQ: As soon hurricane moves over land or colder water it begins to

  1. flourish
  2. develop
  3. die
  4. increase


MCQ: Amount of water vapor in air is regarded as

  1. water vapor
  2. humidity
  3. mildness
  4. pressure