Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 27 PDF Download

Rocks and minerals mixtures multiple choice questions, learn online elementary school science test prep 27 for online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice textures of metamorphic rock multiple choice questions (MCQs), rocks and minerals mixtures quiz questions and answers for earth-science class for admission in environmental science schools preparation.

Study elementary school earth science multiple choice questions (MCQs): nonfoliated metamorphic rocks are generally made up of, for online elementary education degree with options thousands of minerals, hundreds of minerals, one or only a few minerals, and all minerals present in the crust, textures of metamorphic rock quiz with online question bank from science projects and science notes to prepare for final exams. Free earth-science study guide for online learning textures of metamorphic rock quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Worksheets 27 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Nonfoliated metamorphic rocks are generally made up of

  1. hundreds of minerals
  2. thousands of minerals
  3. one or only a few minerals
  4. all minerals present in the crust


MCQ: Regional metamorphism occurs deep under Earth's

  1. core
  2. mantle
  3. atmosphere
  4. crust


MCQ: Lava erupts from fissures under ocean to

  1. form rocks on ocean bed
  2. to fill the space created due to tension
  3. to prevent ocean plates from bending
  4. cool down and form intrusive rocks


MCQ: Most noticeable feature of sedimentary rock is its layers. These layers are also known as

  1. Stomata
  2. Strata
  3. Sparta
  4. Stock


MCQ: Coral are tiny organisms but they live in huge colonies known as

  1. Reefs
  2. Dens
  3. Dikes
  4. Shores