Minerals and Earth Crust Multiple Choice Questions 9 PDF Download

Learn minerals and earth crust MCQs, science test 9 for online courses learning and test prep, use of minerals multiple choice questions and answers. Use of minerals revision test includes earth science worksheets to learn.

Earth science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on another example of metallic mineral could be with options astatine, nickel, iodine and neon, use of minerals quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free earth-science study guide to learn use of minerals quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Minerals and Earth Crust Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 9

MCQ. Another example of metallic mineral could be

  1. nickel
  2. astatine
  3. iodine
  4. neon


MCQ. Another example of nonmetallic mineral could be

  1. sodium
  2. argon
  3. potassium
  4. calcium


MCQ. Color of streak of a mineral is not always same as color of

  1. streak plate
  2. solid mineral
  3. liquid mineral
  4. other mineral


MCQ. In open pit mining, ore is mined in

  1. layers
  2. steps
  3. one chain
  4. straight bores


MCQ. An example of compound could be

  1. Sodium (Na)
  2. Calcium (Ca)
  3. Table Salt (NaCl)
  4. Oxygen (O)