Earth Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions 6 PDF Download

Learn earth atmosphere MCQs, science test 6 for learning online courses and test prep, ozone hole multiple choice questions and answers. Ozone hole revision test includes earth science worksheets to learn for earth science online course questions.

Earth science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on cfc molecule has power to remain active in stratosphere up to with choices 60 years, 120 years, 45 years and 210 years, ozone hole quiz for competitive exam prep, summative and formative assessment interview questions with answers key. Free earth-science study guide to learn ozone hole quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Atmosphere Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 6

MCQ. A CFC molecule has power to remain active in stratosphere up to

  1. 120 years
  2. 60 years
  3. 45 years
  4. 210 years


MCQ. Simmering lights in polar regions are called

  1. stars
  2. asteroids
  3. meteors
  4. auroras


MCQ. A process which helps to reduce indoor air pollution is called

  1. acidification
  2. acid shock
  3. ventilation
  4. exhaustion


MCQ. Solar energy is radiated by clouds and earth as

  1. long wave energy
  2. short wave energy
  3. medial wave energy
  4. extreme wave energy


MCQ. Process in which gases absorb thermal energy and radiate it towards earth is called

  1. greenhouse effect
  2. Coriolis effect
  3. global warming
  4. law of effect