Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Learn earth science and models MCQs, science test 2 for online learning courses and test prep. Metric conversion multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth science and models quiz questions and answers include earth-science worksheets for preparation of earth science experiments.

Earth science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on cubic meter (1m3) is equal to with options 10 liters, 1 liter, 100 liters and 1000 liters, metric conversion quiz with online teaching aids and teaching resources to teach daily science for kids. Free earth-science study guide to learn metric conversion quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models Worksheets 2 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A cubic meter (1m3) is equal to

  1. 1 liter
  2. 10 liters
  3. 100 liters
  4. 1000 liters


MCQ: If we divide 1km into 1000 equal parts, each part will be equal to

  1. 1m
  2. 1dm
  3. 1cm
  4. 1mi


MCQ: Optical telescope was first built in

  1. 1906
  2. 1609
  3. 1960
  4. 1690


MCQ: People who study about tremors (earthquakes) are known as

  1. Seismologists
  2. Terminologists
  3. Astrologists
  4. Geologists


MCQ: 2µm is equal to

  1. 1mm
  2. 2mm
  3. 2x10-3mm
  4. 2x10-5m