Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn earth science and models MCQs, science test 1 for online learning courses and test prep, mathematical models multiple choice questions and answers. Mathematical models revision test includes earth science worksheets to learn for environmental earth sciences online tests.

Earth science multiple choice questions (MCQ) on mathematical models provide with choices accurate results, estimated results, wrong results and approximate results, mathematical models quiz with online typical interview questions and answers to answer during competitive exams. Free earth-science study guide to learn mathematical models quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 1

MCQ: Mathematical models provide

  1. estimated results
  2. accurate results
  3. wrong results
  4. approximate results


MCQ: To measure temperature, scientists use unit

  1. Kelvin (K)
  2. Celsius (°C)
  3. Fahrenheit (°F)
  4. Rankine (°R)


MCQ: If a water in measuring cylinder measures 60mL and it rises to 70mL when a stone is added. volume of stone is

  1. 1cm3
  2. 10cm3
  3. 1003
  4. 1m3


MCQ: John Trefry is a famous oceanographer who studies ocean floor in a mini-submarine known as

  1. Alvin
  2. Bass
  3. Barracuda
  4. Turtle


MCQ: SI unit of length is

  1. miles
  2. meters
  3. yards
  4. feet