Earth Models and Maps Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 32 PDF Download

Earth models and maps multiple choice questions, learn online elementary school science test prep 32 for online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice planet earth multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth models and maps quiz questions and answers for earth-science class for earth science degree jobs preparation.

Study elementary school earth science multiple choice questions (MCQs): tool that uses waves of energy to map earth's surface is known as, for online elementary education degree with options radio, radar, satellite, and aerial station, planet earth quiz with online schools' course questions and answers for summative assessment of students. Free earth-science study guide for online learning planet earth quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Earth Models and Maps Worksheets 32 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A tool that uses waves of energy to map Earth's surface is known as

  1. Radar
  2. Radio
  3. Satellite
  4. Aerial Station


MCQ: Lines that connect points of equal elevation are known as

  1. Contour Lines
  2. Lines of latitude
  3. Lines of longitude
  4. Lines of meridian


MCQ: Scientists use globes and maps to study Earth's

  1. core
  2. mantle
  3. crust
  4. surface


MCQ: Changes due to which accuracy of information is disturbed are known as

  1. irritations
  2. disturbance
  3. confusions
  4. distortions


MCQ: GPS was invented by U.S Department of

  1. Finance
  2. Defense
  3. Space
  4. Aviation