Earth Models and Maps Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 26 PDF Book Download

Earth models and maps MCQs, earth models and maps quiz answers 26 to learn elementary school earth science courses online. Elements of elevation multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth models and maps quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Topographic map symbols, earth facts, equator, gps test for teacher certification.

Learn elementary school earth science multiple choice questions (MCQs): Topographic map symbols, earth facts, equator, gps, with choices axis, equator, tropics, and electric poles for online school degrees. Free earth-science study guide for online learning elements of elevation quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Earth Models and Maps Worksheets 26 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Contour lines are key to explaining size and shape of landforms on a

  1. globe
  2. cylindrical map
  3. conic map
  4. topographic map


MCQ: Earths' magnetic poles are not aligned with the

  1. equator
  2. axis
  3. tropics
  4. electric poles


MCQ: Four directions north, south, east and west are known as

  1. Cordial direction
  2. Cardinal directions
  3. Quadratic directions
  4. Quadrant directions


MCQ: Distance north or south of equator is also known as the

  1. perpendicular
  2. latitude
  3. longitude
  4. horizon


MCQ: Smallest GPS unit is one

  1. in cars
  2. you can wear on wrist
  3. in the airplanes
  4. in the boats