Earth Models and Maps Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 22 PDF Download

Earth models and maps multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth models and maps test prep 22 to learn online elementary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice gps multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth models and maps quiz questions and answers for earth-science class for earth science online course questions.

Study elementary school earth science multiple choice questions (MCQs): airplane and boat pilots use gps for, for online elementary education degree with options limit setting in air or water, mapping, navigation, and bearing, gps quiz for online eCourse preparation with online teachers' jobs interview questions with answer key. Free earth-science study guide for online learning gps quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Earth Models and Maps Worksheets 22 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Airplane and boat pilots use GPS for

  1. mapping
  2. limit setting in air or water
  3. navigation
  4. bearing


MCQ: When we give direction to something, we generally name a

  1. street
  2. road
  3. building
  4. landmark


MCQ: Proportionality of contour interval to relief is

  1. direct
  2. inverse
  3. same
  4. none


MCQ: A map that shows surface features of Earth is known as

  1. Topographic map
  2. Elementary map
  3. Cylindrical map
  4. Azimuthal map


MCQ: If a stream or river passes a valley, V points

  1. downstream
  2. upstream
  3. waterfall
  4. shallow water