Equations of Motion MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Equations of motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), equations of motion tesr prep for secondary school distance learning, online courses. Practice kinematics multiple choice questions (MCQs), equations of motion quiz questions and answers for online physics 101 courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online physics degree programs MCQs: a car is moving at a speed of 36 kmh−1. its speed expresses in ms−1 is, for online education degree with options 25 ms−1, 10 ms−1, 20 ms−1, and 30 ms−1 for daily quiz questions with online cognitive learning portal for students of class 9. Free physics student portal for online learning equations of motion quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Equations of Motion Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Time taken by a train to slow down from 80 kmh-1 to 20 kmh-1 with a uniform deceleration of 2 ms-2 is

  1. 9 s
  2. 10 s
  3. 8.3 s
  4. 8.4 s


MCQ: A car is moving at a speed of 36 kmh−1. Its speed expresses in ms−1 is

  1. 25 ms−1
  2. 10 ms−1
  3. 20 ms−1
  4. 30 ms−1


MCQ: Equations of motion for bodies moving with uniform acceleration are of

  1. 2 types
  2. 4 types
  3. 3 types
  4. 5 types


MCQ: If a car is traveling at 8 ms−1 accelerates uniformly at 2 ms−2, its velocity after 5 seconds will be

  1. 20 ms−1
  2. 23 ms−1
  3. 25 ms−1
  4. 28 ms−1


MCQ: A train starts from rest. It acquires a speed of 25 ms−1 after 20 s. total distance is

  1. 500 m
  2. 31.25 m
  3. 300 m
  4. 250 m