Electromagnetic Induction MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Electromagnetic induction multiple choice questions (MCQs), electromagnetic induction tesr prep for high school distance learning, online courses. Practice electromagnetism multiple choice questions (MCQs), electromagnetic induction quiz questions and answers for online learning physics for beginners courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online physics degree programs MCQs: change in no. of magnetic field lines induces, for online education degree with options current in coil, emf in the coil, frequency in coil, and both a and c for online e-learning with secondary school learning and high school education with online student portal. Free physics student portal for online learning electromagnetic induction quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Electromagnetic Induction Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Strength of magnetic field is defined as

  1. no. of field lines passing through surface
  2. electric field lines passing the loop
  3. current through surface
  4. no. of electrons passing a specific point per unit time


MCQ: Change in no. of magnetic field lines induces

  1. current in coil
  2. EMF in the coil
  3. frequency in coil
  4. both A and C


MCQ: Value of induced EMF is directly proportional to

  1. current through coil
  2. voltage applied
  3. no. of field lines
  4. resistivity


MCQ: Through a conductor, an electric current produces a

  1. mechanical energy
  2. magnetism
  3. potential difference
  4. magnetic field


MCQ: Magnitude of induced EMF depends on

  1. speed of motion of coil and magnet
  2. number of turns of coil
  3. current passing through coil
  4. both A and B