CRO Interview Questions MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Cro interview questions multiple choice questions (MCQs), cro interview questions tesr prep for high school distance learning, online courses. Practice basic electronics multiple choice questions (MCQs), cro interview questions quiz questions and answers for online general physics courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online physics degree programs MCQs: electrode to control flow of electrons in beam of an electron gun is called, for online education degree with options pitch, grid, plate, and cable for online training questions and answers for school teachers and students for school exams. Free physics student portal for online learning cro interview questions quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on CRO Interview Questions Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Electron gun consists of an electron source which is an electrically heated cathode that ejects

  1. electrons
  2. neutrons
  3. protons
  4. phontons


MCQ: Electrode to control flow of electrons in beam of an electron gun is called

  1. pitch
  2. grid
  3. plate
  4. cable


MCQ: Picture tube in our TV set and display terminal of most computers are

  1. optical fibers
  2. cathode-ray tubes
  3. plastic cover
  4. deflecting plates


MCQ: Cathode-ray oscilloscope consists of

  1. electron gun with control grid
  2. a fluorescent screen
  3. the deflecting plates
  4. all of the above


MCQ: Grid in electron gun is connected to

  1. both negative and positive potentials
  2. positive potential
  3. negative potential
  4. no potential