Atom and Atomic Nucleus Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Atom and atomic nucleus MCQs, atom and atomic nucleus quiz answers for online high school courses. Atomic and nuclear physics multiple choice questions (MCQs), atom and atomic nucleus quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Nuclear transmutations, nuclear physics, radioisotopes, radioisotope and uses, atom and atomic nucleus test prep for high school teacher certification.

Learn physics MCQs: isotopes have same number of protons but different number of, with choices electrons, neutrons, shells, and positrons for online school degrees. Free physics student portal for online learning atom and atomic nucleus quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Atom and Atomic Nucleus PDF Book Download

MCQ: Isotopes have same number of protons but different number of

  1. electrons
  2. neutrons
  3. shells
  4. positrons


MCQ: Number of protons inside nucleus represents

  1. atomic mass
  2. atomic number
  3. atomic count
  4. radioactivity level


MCQ: Mass of neutron and proton is

  1. equal
  2. unequal
  3. zero
  4. undetermined


MCQ: Nucleons are collection of

  1. electrons and protons
  2. electrons and neutrons
  3. protons and neutrons
  4. protons and positrons


MCQ: Times a proton is heavier than an electron is

  1. 1827
  2. 1876
  3. 1836
  4. 1789