Ordered Pairs MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Ordered pairs multiple choice questions, learn online high school math test prep for exam prep for distance learning, online courses. Practice sets and functions multiple choice questions (MCQs), ordered pairs quiz questions and answers for online math practice courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online math degree programs MCQs: in ordered pair (y, z) , ‘z’ is called, for online education degree with options constant, co-efficient, first co-ordinate, and second co-ordinate for online high school and secondary school courses preparation for final exams and online tests. Free math student portal for online learning ordered pairs quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Ordered Pairs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Any two numbers x and y, written in form(x, y) is called

  1. binary relation
  2. domain
  3. range
  4. an ordered pair


MCQ: In ordered pair (y, z) , ‘z’ is called

  1. constant
  2. co-efficient
  3. first co-ordinate
  4. second co-ordinate


MCQ: In ordered pair (y, z) , ‘y’ is called

  1. constant
  2. first co-ordinate
  3. second co-ordinate
  4. co-efficient