Money Exchange MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Money exchange multiple choice questions (MCQs), money exchange tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice math applications multiple choice questions (MCQs), money exchange quiz questions and answers for eighth grade math practice tests.

Study elementary school courses, online math degree programs MCQs: a money changer exchanged indian rupee and us$ at rate of 38..95 indian rupee = us$1. amount received for us$180 in indian rupee is, for online education degree with options 8055 r, 7055 r, 7011 r, and 8011 r with online student portal for school students to prepare competitive exams. Free math student portal for online learning money exchange quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Money Exchange Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Exchange rate between Sterling Pound and Euro on specific day is 1 Sterling pound = 2.4 Euros. Sterling Pound that are equivalent to 850 Euros are

  1. 754.16
  2. 654.16
  3. 354.16
  4. 454.16


MCQ: A money changer exchanged Indian Rupee and US$ at rate of 38..95 Indian Rupee = US$1. amount received for US$180 in Indian Rupee is

  1. 8055 R
  2. 7055 R
  3. 7011 R
  4. 8011 R


MCQ: A money changer exchanged Peso & Euro at rate of 3.9 peso = 1 Euro. amount received in Peso for 3500 Euro is

  1. 16650 peso
  2. 13650 peso
  3. 14650 peso
  4. 15650 peso


MCQ: Exchange rate between Japanese Yen and Euro on specific day is 1 Yen to 2.4 Euros. Euros that are equivalent to 450 Japanese Yen are

  1. 2060 Japanese Yens
  2. 2050 Japanese Yens
  3. 2080 Japanese Yens
  4. 1080 Japanese Yens


MCQ: Henry put A$9000 in one year US$ fixed deposit account with bank at 5% simple interest per annum when exchange rate was at US$1 = A$3.5. amount he invested in US dollars is

  1. 2971.43
  2. 2871.43
  3. 2671.43
  4. 2571.43