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Making formula multiple choice questions (MCQs), making formula tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice algebraic equations and simple inequalities multiple choice questions (MCQs), making formula quiz questions and answers for 6th grade math word problems with solutions.

Study elementary school courses, online math degree programs MCQs: formula for sum of three numbers c, d and e is, for online education degree with options cde(c + d + e), c + d + e, cd + e, and c + de with online trivia questions from math notes and math projects to prepare for final exams. Free math student portal for online learning making formula quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Making Formula Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If traveler makes a journey of 'x' km and another journey of 'y' km then total distance covered by traveler is

  1. 4(x + y)
  2. 4(x - y)
  3. x - y
  4. x + y


MCQ: Formula for sum of three numbers c, d and e is

  1. cde(c + d + e)
  2. c + d + e
  3. cd + e
  4. c + de


MCQ: If cost of one pen is $1.5 each, formula for cost of 'x' pens will be

  1. 1.5x
  2. 15 + x
  3. 1.5⁄x
  4. x⁄1.5


MCQ: Total cost 'T', of chocolate cupcakes 'c' at $x each and total cost of vanilla cupcakes 'v' at $y each will be

  1. T = cx + vy
  2. T = cy + vx
  3. T = xy(c + v)
  4. T = xy(c - v)


MCQ: If age of elder sister is 'a' and age of younger sister is 'b' then difference of ages is

  1. 2(a + b)
  2. 2a + 2b
  3. a - b
  4. 2(a - b)