Cylinders MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn cylinders MCQs, math online test for elementary school exam prep for distance learning degree, free online courses. Practice surface area and volume multiple choice questions (MCQs), cylinders quiz questions and answers for class 6 online math for students.

Study elementary school courses, online math degree programs MCQs: if diameter of cylinder is 8cm and its height is 16cm then volume of cylinder is, for online courses with choices 804.352cm³, 1000cm³, 900cm³, and 850cm³ with online tests for distance learning after learning theories from school textbooks. Free math student portal for online learning cylinders quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Cylinders Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If diameter of cylinder is 8cm and its height is 16cm then volume of cylinder is

  1. 804.352cm³
  2. 1000cm³
  3. 900cm³
  4. 850cm³


MCQ: If volume of cylinder is 900cm² with height of 20cm then diameter of cylinder is

  1. 24cm²
  2. 7.57cm²
  3. 9.57cm²
  4. 12.23cm²


MCQ: If circular metal sheet is 0.65cm thick and of 50cm in diameter is melted and recast into cylindrical bar with 8cm diameter then length of bar will be

  1. 24.41cm
  2. 35.41cm
  3. 40.41cm
  4. 30.41cm


MCQ: If diameter of a cylinder is 5cm and volume of cylinder is 650cm³ then height of cylinder is

  1. 40cm
  2. 25cm
  3. 33cm
  4. 45cm


MCQ: If diameter of right circular cylinder is 18cm with height of 28cm and value of pi = 3.142 then total surface area of cylinder is

  1. 2092.572cm²
  2. 3092.572cm²
  3. 4092.572cm²
  4. 1092.572cm²