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Algebraic notation MCQs, algebraic notation quiz answers to learn elementary school math courses online. Fundamental algebra multiple choice questions (MCQs), algebraic notation quiz questions and answers for online elementary education degree. Algebraic expressions: addition and subtraction, factorization by grouping, evaluation of algebraic expressions, algebraic notation test prep for elementary school teaching certification.

Learn math MCQs: if ana is x years old then 5 times ana's age three years ago is, with choices 3(x - 5), 5(x - 3), 3(x + 5), and 5(x + 3) for online elementary education degree. Free math student portal for online learning algebraic notation quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Algebraic Notation PDF Book Download

MCQ: If Ana is x years old then 5 times Ana's age three years ago is

  1. 3(x - 5)
  2. 5(x - 3)
  3. 3(x + 5)
  4. 5(x + 3)


MCQ: Algebraic form of product of 7y and 4z is

  1. 11yz
  2. 3yz
  3. 11y + z
  4. 28yz


MCQ: Algebraic form of statement "sum of product of 2a and 2b and product of 12x and 2y" is

  1. 4ab + 24xy
  2. 24ab + 4xy
  3. 4ab + 12x + 2y
  4. 2a + 2b +24xy


MCQ: Algebraic expression of sum of 10a and 15c can be written as

  1. 10a + 15c
  2. 25ac
  3. 15a + 10c
  4. 150ac


MCQ: Algebraic expression of word expression "subtract eight times of number b from ten times of number c" is

  1. 2bc
  2. 8b - 10c
  3. 8c - 10b
  4. 10c -8b