Work and Energy MCQs Questions and Answers 14 PDF Download

Work and energy MCQs, work and energy quiz answers pdf, test prep 14 to study secondary school physics for online certificate courses. Practice "forms of energy" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), work and energy quiz questions and answers for online education. Learn efficiency, forms of energy, physics: work, major sources of energy, potential energy test prep for taking online classes.

"The ratio of required output to input is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on work and energy with choices deficiency, efficiency, loss of energy, and gain of energy for online education. Free physics study guide for online learning forms of energy quiz questions for online school and college.

Work and Energy MCQs Quiz 14 PDF Download

MCQ: The ratio of required output to input is called

  1. efficiency
  2. deficiency
  3. loss of energy
  4. gain of energy


MCQ: When a body vibrates, it produces

  1. sound
  2. water
  3. heat
  4. electricity


MCQ: 1 joule is equal to

  1. 1 N × 1 m
  2. 1 N + 1 m
  3. 1 N - 1 m
  4. 1 G9 × 1 m


MCQ: In nuclear power plants, we get energy as a result of

  1. molecular reaction
  2. potential reaction
  3. nuclear reaction
  4. fission reaction


MCQ: The potential energy is given by

  1. w * h
  2. f * s
  3. mv
  4. ma