Turning Effect of Forces Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download

Learn turning effect of forces MCQs, grade 9 physics test 7 for online learning courses and test prep. Couple multiple choice questions (MCQs), turning effect of forces quiz questions and answers include physics worksheets for online physics classroom courses distance learning.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ): two unlike parallel forces of same magnitude but not along same line forms a with options inertia, couple, gravity and friction, couple quiz for online mock tests, competitive exams questions and answers after reading theory and textbooks. Free physics study guide to learn couple quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Turning Effect of Forces Worksheets 7 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Two unlike parallel forces of same magnitude but not along same line forms a

  1. couple
  2. inertia
  3. gravity
  4. friction


MCQ: Moment arm is the

  1. parallel distance
  2. perpendicular distance
  3. normal distance
  4. resultant force


MCQ: A block of weight 12 N is hanging through a string. Its tension in string will be

  1. 10 N
  2. 11 N
  3. 12 N
  4. 0 N


MCQ: Resultant of forces 10 N along x-axis, 6 N along y-axis and 4 N along negative x-axis is

  1. 8.5 N making angle 45° with x-axis
  2. 8.5 N making angle 90° with x-axis
  3. 8.3 N making angle 30° with x-axis
  4. 8 N making angle 45° with x-axis


MCQ: If a block returns to its original position after slight tilt then it is in state of

  1. unstable equilibrium
  2. stable equilibrium
  3. neutral equilibrium
  4. weightlessness