Transfer of Heat Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Book Download

Transfer of heat MCQs, transfer of heat quiz answers 6 to learn secondary education online courses. Practice conduction multiple choice questions (MCQs), transfer of heat quiz questions and answers for physics class. Free e-learning tutorial on application and consequences of radiation, thermal physics, conduction, convection test prep for secondary school teaching certification.

Study high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): application and consequences of radiation, thermal physics, conduction, convection, with choices 0.75 wm-1 k-1, 0.026 wm-1 k-1, 0.59 wm-1 k-1, and 1.58 wm-1 k-1 for online secondary education degree. Free physics study guide for online learning conduction quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Transfer of Heat Worksheets 6 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Surface which absorbs more heat is

  1. black and rough
  2. white and rough
  3. red and rough
  4. pink and rough


MCQ: Thermal conductivity of air is

  1. 0.026 Wm-1 K-1
  2. 0.75 Wm-1 K-1
  3. 0.59 Wm-1 K-1
  4. 1.58 Wm-1 K-1


MCQ: If cross sectional area is larger, rate of flow of heat will be

  1. zero
  2. constant
  3. smaller
  4. greater


MCQ: Heat flow rate depends on

  1. cross sectional area of solid
  2. length of solid
  3. temperature difference between ends
  4. all of above


MCQ: Eagles fly without flapping their wings due to

  1. air currents
  2. sun radiation
  3. thermal climbing
  4. none of above