Matter Properties Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 15 PDF Download

Matter properties multiple choice questions (MCQs), matter properties test prep 15 to learn online secondary school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice matter density multiple choice questions (MCQs), matter properties quiz questions and answers for physics class for online mastering physics courses distance learning.

Study high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): density of 5 lit of water having mass 5 kg is, for for online secondary education degree with options 500 kg m-3, 100 kg m-3, 750 kg m-3, and 1000 kg m-3, matter density quiz for online high school learning with cooperative learning portal for physics grade 9 students. Free physics study guide for online learning matter density quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Matter Properties Worksheets 15 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Density of 5 lit of water having mass 5 kg is

  1. 100 kg m-3
  2. 500 kg m-3
  3. 750 kg m-3
  4. 1000 kg m-3


MCQ: Density of water is

  1. 100 kgm-3
  2. 10 kgm-3
  3. 1000 kgm-3
  4. 2000 kgm-3


MCQ: At sea level atmospheric pressure is equal to

  1. 1 Pa
  2. 1000 Pa
  3. 101, 300 Pa
  4. 2000 Pa


MCQ: Pressure is a

  1. vector quantity
  2. scalar quantity
  3. base quantity
  4. both A and C


MCQ: Density of 500 g of stone when its volume is 200 cm-3 is

  1. 2.5 g cm-3
  2. 2.3 g cm-3
  3. 2.5 g cm-2
  4. 2.6 g cm-3