Matter Properties Multiple Choice Questions Online 6 PDF eBook Download

Practice matter properties MCQs questions, matter properties quiz answers, test prep 6 to learn secondary school physics for online certificate courses. Learn elasticity physics multiple choice questions (MCQs), matter properties quiz questions and answers for online education programs. Learn atmospheric pressure, what is pressure, kinetic molecular model of matter, archimedes principle test prep for online school and college.

Learn physics MCQs: density of mercury is, with choices 12 times of water, 13.6 times of water, 10 times of water, and 20 times of water for online education programs. Free physics study guide for online learning elasticity physics quiz questions for online certificate courses.

Matter Properties MCQs Quiz 6 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Density of mercury is

  1. 13.6 times of water
  2. 12 times of water
  3. 10 times of water
  4. 20 times of water


MCQ: In SI units, unit of pressure is

  1. Pa
  2. pi
  3. omega
  4. newton


MCQ: Stone, metal spoon, pencil are examples of

  1. liquids
  2. gases
  3. solids
  4. plasma


MCQ: Up thrust of water acting on a wooden cube of sides 10cm immersed completely in water is

  1. 5 N
  2. 10 N
  3. 3 N
  4. 2 N


MCQ: Matter whose molecules have random motion and move with very high velocities is

  1. gas
  2. plasma
  3. solids
  4. liquid