Gravitation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 10 PDF Online Download

Practice gravitation MCQs, gravitation quiz answers, test prep 10 to learn secondary school physics for online certificate courses. Artificial satellites Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), gravitation quiz questions and answers for online education programs. Learn artificial satellites, variation of g with altitude test prep for online degrees.

Learn physics MCQs: objects scintists sent to space and they revolves around earth are termed as, with choices artificial satellites, natural satellites, solar cars, and robots for online education programs. Free physics study guide for online learning artificial satellites quiz questions for taking online classes.

Gravitation MCQs Quiz 10 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Objects scintists sent to space and they revolves around Earth are termed as

  1. natural satellites
  2. artificial satellites
  3. solar cars
  4. robots


MCQ: Height of geostationary satellite is about

  1. 56,890 km
  2. 45,000 km
  3. 33,500 km
  4. 42,300 km


MCQ: If a body of mass ‘m’ at an altitude ‘h’, then distance of body from centre of Earth will become

  1. R + h
  2. R - h
  3. R × h
  4. R ⁄ h