Dynamics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Book Download

Dynamics MCQs, dynamics quiz answers 3 to learn secondary education online courses. Practice newton's laws of motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), dynamics quiz questions and answers for physics class. Free e-learning tutorial on newton's laws of motion, physics study guide, newtons laws of motion test prep for online mastering physics courses distance learning.

Study high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): newton's laws of motion, physics study guide, newtons laws of motion, for online secondary education degree programs with options newton's 1st law of motion, newton's 2nd law of motion, newton's 3rd law of motion, and law of momentum, newton's laws of motion quiz with questions to ask in an interview in teachers jobs interview of high school teachers. Free physics study guide for online learning newton's laws of motion quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Dynamics Worksheets 3 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Acceleration that is produced by a 15N force in a mass of 8 kg will be equal to

  1. 1.5 ms−2
  2. 1.87 ms−2
  3. 2.35 ms−2
  4. 2 ms−2


MCQ: When a net force act on a body, it produces acceleration in body in direction of net force which is directly proportional to net force acting on body and inversely proportional to its mass. This statement is called

  1. newton's 2nd law of motion
  2. newton's 1st law of motion
  3. newton's 3rd law of motion
  4. law of momentum


MCQ: A body of mass 10 kg is moving with velocity of 15 ms−1. force required to stop it in 3 seconds should be

  1. 50 Ns
  2. 100 Ns
  3. 75 Ns
  4. 170 Ns


MCQ: A bullet of mass 30 g is fired from a gun with a muzzle velocity 90ms−1. If its mass is 4 kg then recoil of gun will be

  1. − 0.34 ms−1
  2. 0.54 ms−1
  3. − 0.54 ms−1
  4. 0.34 ms−1


MCQ: Acceleration produced in a 8 kg mass when force acts on a body of 5 kg produces acceleration of 10 ms-2 is

  1. 6.25 ms-2
  2. 6.25 ms-1
  3. 5 ms-2
  4. 4 ms-2