Mathematical Theorems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice mathematical theorems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), mathematical theorems quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn secondary school math for online certificate programs. Math theorems MCQs, mathematical theorems quiz questions and answers for online education. Learn math theorems, triangular region test prep for taking online classes.

Learn math MCQs: triangles on same base and of same altitudes are equal in, with choices height, angles, area, and volume for online education. Free math study guide for online learning math theorems quiz questions for online school and college.

Mathematical Theorems MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Online Download

MCQ: Triangles on same base and of same altitudes are equal in

  1. angles
  2. height
  3. area
  4. volume


MCQ: If a line ‘l’ is perpendicular to line segment and passes through its mid point, then it is called

  1. concurrent
  2. collinear
  3. right bisector
  4. right angle


MCQ: Any point on right bisector of a line segment is equidistant from its

  1. right angle
  2. 2nd side
  3. mid point
  4. end points


MCQ: Parallelograms on equal bases and having same altitude are equal in

  1. height
  2. area
  3. volume
  4. angles


MCQ: Union of a triangle and its interior is said to be

  1. a triangular region
  2. volume
  3. radius
  4. diameter