Linear Graphs and Applications Multiple Choice Questions 3 PDF Download

Learn linear graphs and applications MCQs, grade 9 math test 3 for online learning courses and test prep, conversion graphs multiple choice questions and answers. Conversion graphs revision test includes math worksheets to learn for online best mathematics courses distance learning.

Math multiple choice questions (MCQ): if °c is degrees celsius and °f is degrees fahrenheit then °c is equal to with choices 5⁄9(°f-32), 9⁄5(°f-32), 9⁄5(°f+32) and 5⁄9(°f+32), conversion graphs quiz with job interview questions and answers for online summative assessment in competitive exams. Free math study guide to learn conversion graphs quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Linear Graphs and Applications Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 3

MCQ: If °C is degrees Celsius and °F is degrees Fahrenheit then °C is equal to

  1. 9⁄5(°F-32)
  2. 5⁄9(°F-32)
  3. 9⁄5(°F+32)
  4. 5⁄9(°F+32)


MCQ: A pair of elements in which elements are written in specific order is called

  1. solution set
  2. order pair
  3. quadrants
  4. origin


MCQ: A plane formed by two straight lines perpendicular to each other is called

  1. Cartesian plane
  2. vertical plane
  3. horizontal plane
  4. origin


MCQ: Value of Acres ‘A’ in terms of Hectares ‘H’ is

  1. A = 0.5 H approx
  2. A = 1.4 H approx
  3. A = 2 H approx
  4. A = 0.4 H approx


MCQ: Two or more than two points which lie on same straight line are known as

  1. vertical points
  2. horizontal points
  3. collinear points
  4. coordinate points