Congruent Triangles and Geometry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4 PDF Book Download

Congruent triangles and geometry MCQs, congruent triangles and geometry quiz answers 4 to learn secondary school math courses online. Mathematical definitions multiple choice questions (MCQs), congruent triangles and geometry quiz questions and answers for online secondary education degree. Congruent triangles test for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn high school math multiple choice questions (MCQs): Congruent triangles, with choices side opposite to the angle, whole triangle, right angle triangle, and none of above for online secondary education degree. Free math study guide for online learning mathematical definitions quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Congruent Triangles and Geometry Worksheets 4 PDF Book Download

MCQ: If perpendiculars from two vertices of a triangle to opposite sides are congruent, then triangle must be

  1. reflective triangle
  2. scalene triangle
  3. isosceles triangle
  4. right angle triangle


MCQ: If one angle of a right triangle is of 30° hypotenuse is twice as long as the

  1. whole triangle
  2. side opposite to the angle
  3. right angle triangle
  4. none of above