Business Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4 PDF Download

Business mathematics multiple choice questions, learn online high school math test prep 4 for online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice profit and loss multiple choice questions (MCQs), business mathematics quiz questions and answers for math class for online mathematics for kids courses distance learning.

Study high school math multiple choice questions (MCQs): if sales price of an item is less than its cost price, then difference is said to be, for for online secondary education degree with options loss, profit, discount, and marked price, profit and loss quiz with online tests for distance learning after learning theories from school textbooks. Free math study guide for online learning profit and loss quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Business Mathematics Worksheets 4 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If sales price of an item is less than its cost price, then difference is said to be

  1. profit
  2. loss
  3. discount
  4. marked price


MCQ: (Profit ⁄Cost Price) × 100 is equal to

  1. discount
  2. selling price
  3. loss percentage
  4. profit percentage


MCQ: Selling price of 15 books is equal to cost price of 12 books. profit percentage should be

  1. 0.25
  2. 0.4
  3. 0.3
  4. 0.2


MCQ: If capital of partners are invested for same length of time, partnership is said to be

  1. joint venture
  2. simple partnership
  3. Complex partnership
  4. none of above


MCQ: (Cost price - Loss) is equal to

  1. selling price
  2. marked price
  3. profit
  4. discount